Notes of Nature Walks

Notes of Nature Walks

Notes of Nature Walks #nnwalkforwellness

Notes of Nature presents our first monthly Notes of Nature Walk

Join us for the Notes of Nature walks enjoying the Chartwell country views and Dainfern walking trails.

Let’s walk for fitness and wellness and use natural supplements for nutritional enhancement. Walking improves our health in a multitude of ways…

Benefits of Walking

  • Improves mood
  • Relieves back pain
  • Reduces hip fractures
  • Lowers the risk of blood clots
  • Reduces the load on other joints
  • Wards of Glaucoma
  • Lowers blood pressure and risk of heart attack
  • Strengthens arm muscles
  • Keeps joints lubricated

Regular walks is one of the best and easiest things you can do for your health.


Here’s Love to Run Guide by Runner’s World that will get you started even if you dread it.

  1. Just commit your mind and commit to the walk or run.
  2. Set a goal.
  3. Gear up.
  4. Stay healthy.
  5. Get inspired.
  • Lay your running/walking outfit next to your bed the night before. Treat your walk/run time like you would treat an important appointment.
  • Have your unique goals- It’s crucial. Giving walking/running a purpose: whether it’s for losing weight, relieving stress, balancing your mind, or if it’s a prayer walk. Make them more valuable than walking aimlessly. Goals keep you consistent.
  • Buy the right walking/running shoes- Go to specialty training shops they will gear you up.
  • Strength training and stretching are key to strong pain free walks/runs; squats, lunges, glute. Bridge and planks are great for strengthening your legs and core muscles groups that help you with fitness. Do these at home or gym when you are not doing the Notes of Nature walk.
  • Nutrients are also important (carbs, proteins, fibre and iron), they give you energy and build your muscles.

The Notes of Nature Walk

Our pace will be medium and fast pace on 5km which we have measured to be 30mins to 1 hour. We leave at 7am every first Saturday of the month at the Fern Shopping Centre so be there 15mins earlier for signing in.

  • Bring a water bottle and sweat towels.
  • Short, health, fitness, well-being inspiration
  • Stretch first before we start and again at the end of the walk.
  • Start: The Fern Shopping Centre
  • Route: Chartwell surroundings
  • End: The Fern Shopping Centre

You need nutrition, fitness and nature for wellness. Have fun! #nnwalkforwellness

Here’s how to reach us if you are interested in joining the walk…

Email or WhatsApp us on 079 043 0519

Follow the conversation @notesofnaturehealth…


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