Synbiotics – The Importance of Combining Prebiotics & Probiotics to Boost Gut Health

Synbiotics – The Importance of Combining Prebiotics & Probiotics to Boost Gut Health

Synbiotics – The Importance of Combining Prebiotics & Probiotics to Boost Gut Health

In the past decade more and more studies are revealing how the invisible world of bugs in our gut and skin directly impact on our overall health, showing the importance of prebiotics and probiotics.

The Difference Between Prebiotics and Probiotics & Why You Need Them

You are what you eat. Or more accurately, you are what you feed the trillions of little critters that live in your gut. The lining of your gut, like every surface of your body, is covered in microscopic creatures, mostly bacteria. These organisms create a micro-ecosystem that plays an critical role in our health and wellbeing and can even affect your mood and behaviour. [1]

The key to a healthy gut is having nourished a balance of among nearly 1,000 different species of bacteria.

There are two ways to maintain this balance — prebiotics and probiotics


Prebiotics are specialised plant fibres. They act like fertilizers that stimulate the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut.

Prebiotics are found in many fruits and vegetables, especially those that contain complex carbohydrates, such as fibre and resistant starch.
Prebiotic supplements can be taken regularly to help increase and drive the growth of good bacteria in your gut.


Probiotics contain live organisms, usually specific strains of bacteria that directly add to the population of healthy microbes in your gut.
Probably the most common probiotic food is yoghurt. Other bacteria-fermented foods, such as sauerkraut, kombucha and kimchi, are also good sources of probiotics.

Probiotic supplements also contain live organisms. A single dose may include a particular strain of microbe or blend of microbes.

The Importance of Combining Prebiotics and Probiotics to Boost Gut Health

By taking probiotics, you are adding live bacteria into your gut. By also taking a prebiotic you are encouraging the good gut bacteria already in your gut to grow as well as encouraging the growth of live bacteria added to your gut through the consumption of probiotics.[2]

Ensuring your diet is high in both prebiotics and probiotics will lead to:

  • Improved mood (due to production of serotonin in gut)
  • Better digestive health
  • Stronger immune system
  • Less auto-immune disorders
  • Better weight maintenance[3]

Let balanced gut heath be your medicine to better well-being and optimal health.

Probicalm – A Natural Synbiotic Gut Health Supplement

ProbiCalm contains a probiotic blend of 11 Multistrains as well as prebiotics and natural herb extracts to ease the symptoms and discomforts IBS. It provides live micro-organisms which work by creating a hostile environment for bad bacteria. Improving digestion and restoring normal flora and balance.

Feed your gut with ProbiCalm. 


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