Creating A Meaningful Morning Routine

Creating A Meaningful Morning Routine
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A morning routine sets the tone for the whole day, and if you do each day right, you’ll do life right.

Create a Fixed Morning Routine

Try to have the first hour of your day vary as little as possible with a routine.

We only have a certain amount of energy and willpower when we wake up each morning, and it slowly gets drained away with decisions. This is especially true if you’re making hundreds of small decisions in the morning that mean nothing yet will affect how you make decisions for the remainder of the day.

Have a fixed morning routine is great way to avoid mental fatigue.


After 6-10 hours without any liquid, you need to rehydrate and wake yourself up. Drinking water is a great way to kickstart your metabolism.


A little light stretching in the morning is all it takes to shake off grogginess and limber up for the day ahead. It only takes a few minutes but by doing basic stretches.

Clear Your Mind

A few minutes of meditation can help gain focus for the day.


20 minutes of reading reading books on mindset, personal growth, and business provide inspiration in the beginning of your day and get the creative juices flowing.

Write Down Goals

Write down a long-term goal that you are working towards. I write this down each day to keep you mindful of your direction so that you don’t go off track.

Then, I write down the day’s targets, which are what 3 things you need to accomplish to move you further towards your long-term goals.


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