Who We Are


We are dedicated to using natural ingredients to supplement the body’s natural wellness. We are health enthusiasts and want to enable everyone including ourselves to all-around health and wellness. We have incorporated our love and passion for our state of well-being and used that to develop this company with honesty and integrity to contribute to the state of health of everyone. Notes of Nature exists for wellness and health of our customers including ourselves.

We heal the body and mind, ease pain and inflammation and boost energy and moods 100% naturally. Notes of Nature develops, manufactures and distributes natural supplements in South Africa and across the world. Our products are made of ingredients that we source from New Zealand to Mexico, and everywhere in between. We have researched the healing properties of various plants and blend them into dosages that optimise health and well-being, naturally. From bitter aloe, ginger root to dandelion, our products are 100% natural.

Notes of Nature CEO


Tshidi is one of the few South African black females to start a nutraceutical company. Notes of Nature is 100% black owned with all manufacturing done locally to the highest compliant standards. This is in line with the Governments new job summit in creating jobs and supporting new small business enterprises.

Passionate about health and business, Tshidi Mokgabudi acquired Notes of Nature in 2018. After years in the financial, business administration, risk management and auditing sector, Tshidi is now living her purpose. Determined to help people heal naturally, she has made it her life’s work to develop, manufacture, and distribute alternative medicines as supplements for anti-ageing, immune systems, and brain health. With her excellent leadership qualities and ability to empower people, Tshidi wants you to live your best, healthy life – naturally.